Dem Romantic Feels

Here’s two small bits of writing that I’ve done recently. They’re all kinds of mushy-romantic-cute.

The first:


Your love hit me

Like a strong drink,

Warm in my stomach.

Like a cool breeze on a summer day

Or a freezing autumn rain,

You steal the breath out of me.

You are the answer

To every question I have ever had.


And the other:


Your fingertips on my skin

Sets my mind on fire.

Your tongue around my neck

Sucks the air from my lungs.

Your eyes searching my body

Drains the blood from my veins.

Your lips pressed to mine

Pulls the sense out of me.


Some Writing

I don’t know why most of the poetry or lyrics I write are either really sappy romantic or angry, but they are. So here’s a bit of writing that I did last week.


Behind your teeth that forked tongue will flick

And between your ribs that stone heart will fall.

You drag the rest of us behind you

Like the anchor at the bottom of the ocean

During the storm.

Just bring us close

And then push us away

Because you’re too much of a coward

To see all our pain.

Break my hands

And leave the artist to wallow in shame.

Blinding us with your smile

You lead us away 

Into the night.

Short story sneak peek

Here’s the first bit to my short story. I really want to get this done this year so I hope to have updates often.

Orson wakes and rubs the dirt away from his eyes. Fogged from dust he reaches for his glass of water and knocks it over. His throat is dry as he groans and tries to swallow.

It’s still dark but he knows it’s morning. It’s always dark now. The sun rarely shows it’s fiery glare anymore in this dark desert that’s become the earth. The land is barren, dry and full of trash. The remnants of the people that once lived here. He watched as the people destroyed themselves. It makes no matter to him. As long as people die he’s content enough.

Finished the last bit of writing that I posted

And when did I let myself get so used

to the bitter taste of blood on my tongue?

When did you become the madness on the throne

at the base of my skull throwing out your orders?

And when did I let myself become

the foolish jester to your court?

Another face to laugh at.

You are the cancer that’s eating at my heart.

And you’re the illness that has taken over my head.

You are the lies behind my tongue,

and the doubt behind these eyes.

It’s been a while….

Sorry to those of you who actually read this or look over it. I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t really been able to update here in quite some time. Again, I apologize, mostly to myself…. I didn’t want to let it go this long without a post. It helps to keep my art/music life active if I have somewhere to put the stuff I’m working on.

I’m going to post a song I’ve been writing over the last few weeks.


Starving Heart

Verse 1:

It’s hard for me to believe

That I was living on so little

Running on an empty tank

Coasting on the fumes



This is warm to the touch

And sweet to taste

It’s blinding my eyes

And leaves me breathless

Forgive my reaction

but my casket black heart 

Hasn’t seen the light in years


Verse 2:

But now I know

I never got very far running in place

Just spinning my tires 

And kicking up dust



This is warm to the touch

And sweet to taste

It’s blinding to my eyes

and leaves me breathless

Forgive my reaction

But my stone cold heart 

Hasn’t felt this warmth in years



My starving heart 

Now starves for you

My starving heart

Now starves for you

This starving heart

Two posts in a row! I’m on a roll

Here’s some more random bits of writing. None of these have titles or anything. Let’s see if I can get some art up soon.


This city of broken glass

brings me to my knees.

It shatters hopes

and crushes dreams.

Walk in silence

and keep your head down.

Wipe away the tears

and don’t even mention your fears.



I’m sorry I’m a waste of your fucking time.

And it’s not worth it anymore.

But don’t worry,

I’ll be fine.

Just bury me deep down,

that way I can’t get out.

Because when I come back

you’re the first one I’m coming after.

So fuck you

and all the lies you told me.

I won’t take abuse from you anymore.

I’ll find my pain on my own tonight.



Why do we always want more

from the things we’re given?

Why do I always break

everything I’ve ever held?



Little lies and black butterflies.

I brought this on myself.

And I’ll try not to fall again.

The pavement catches my tears

and my pillow catches my fists.

Bring me a sunrise

so I can snuff it out.

I really wouldn’t mind helping

to burn this city to the ground.