Well, we’ve officially moved into our new house. It’s wonderful! I have my own art room/studio now so I can leave all my projects out and my tattoo machine out! I also have several commissions to work on this weekend! So keep your eyes open for some new stuff soon!


Making it rain.

Well if that’s what you want to call it… I’ve sold a print of one of my pieces and I have a confirmed commissioned piece for x-mas. So I have things to do and a little monnies coming in. Yay! I’ll be posting things soon so keep your peepers open. 

Life’s good, what can I say

I mean don’t get me wrong, all this cold weather sucks. But I’ve been ok with that. I’ve got a few projects lined up for Xmas and I finished playing Pokemon. I’ve been reading alot recently because its cold out of the bed but I do have things to start working on. So ill start some projects soon. Thanks to all of you who follow me for putting up with me. You’ll be seeing new stuff soon. I promise.

Art at work

Art at work

So as some of you know, I’m a graphic designer for a small-ish food service company that offers catering and dining services to corporate settings. At the location that is also my office, we cleared some counter and wall space and I was able to display some of my works that I still had framed.
So far I’ve received mostly positive feedback. Someone was apparently a little freaked out over the Marilyn Manson one but whatever. Most people have been telling me they thought they were photographs. If only I had that talent… But they are still amazed when I tell them that they are marker. So it’s flattering to receive positive feedback.
If only they’d buy one or ask for a commissioned piece….

I blame it on books and Pokemon

I know, I know. I haven’t been doing much (if anything at all) with art lately. I’ve been reading a bunch and playing the new Pokemon game (which is pretty fantastic- for the record). There are a few projects that I’d like to get done but I’ve just been a lazy bum when I get home. I don’t feel like sitting up and working on something when I can just lie back to a good book or video game. So, I’m quite sure that I won’t get anything productive done for a few more weeks until I’ve finished playing the pokeymans. So just bare with me for a little while longer. I promise I’ll have more stuff up soon.

You know that moment when…

… you realize you’re in a much better place than you were a short while ago. Yeah, I had that today. The last year and a half of my life have been some of the most challenging times I’ve come to face. I thought my past was rough (and don’t get me wrong, it was) but dealing with a divorce and having to start over on my own was really difficult. I now have the most amazing boyfriend and we’re looking toward the future. He’s the joy in my life and the reason to keep breathing. I want nothing more than to see him happy. So dear, if you happen to read this post, thank you for being my inspiration and the love of my life.

I was looking back on some of my old written posts over the last few months and was sad at what I saw. I was truly uninspired and lost. I had no idea where I was going with my art. I felt like it was worthless. I’ve definitely moved into a more positive place and have been producing art. Actually making the art feels like it’s worthwhile now because I know that some of you care. I know that when I started this blog I wasn’t sure of it’s outcome or if I’d even continue it. It’s great to have an audience of sorts who appreciates my art. I’m so glad for all of you followers and friends. You’re the light in my dark tunnel. Thank you!

Positive things to come and more progress ahead! 

Thank You!

Firstly, as the title of this post suggests, I’d like to say a BIG thank you to all of my followers on here. You guys help me keep up with my art. It’s a reason to keep going. I know you guys will appreciate it. 

I’m also on a campaign to get to 100 Likes on my Facebook page by the end of the year. Keep your fingers crossed so I can reach my goal. 

My Hello Kitty tattoo is healing nicely. We’re at day three and most of the soreness is gone. I will be a good girl and not pick at it. :) 

I am planning on getting some stuff done today with my newest portrait, if i can manage to not fall asleep as soon as I get home… 

But that’s all from me here. Thanks again to all of you! Cheers to art and sleep and finding a balance between them.