This one is for one of the ladies at work who is retiring. She’s pretty wonderful and has always been a peach to me. I hope her retirement days are LAZY!! :)


Life’s good, what can I say

I mean don’t get me wrong, all this cold weather sucks. But I’ve been ok with that. I’ve got a few projects lined up for Xmas and I finished playing Pokemon. I’ve been reading alot recently because its cold out of the bed but I do have things to start working on. So ill start some projects soon. Thanks to all of you who follow me for putting up with me. You’ll be seeing new stuff soon. I promise.

Art at work

Art at work

So as some of you know, I’m a graphic designer for a small-ish food service company that offers catering and dining services to corporate settings. At the location that is also my office, we cleared some counter and wall space and I was able to display some of my works that I still had framed.
So far I’ve received mostly positive feedback. Someone was apparently a little freaked out over the Marilyn Manson one but whatever. Most people have been telling me they thought they were photographs. If only I had that talent… But they are still amazed when I tell them that they are marker. So it’s flattering to receive positive feedback.
If only they’d buy one or ask for a commissioned piece….