I’ve got lots to do… And ONE YEAR MARK!!!!

As you can see, I’ve been keeping myself busy. I have four pieces that I have all the black work done and need color added as well as the first Davey Havok one I’ve started color on. So I’ve got a lot to keep me occupied. I’m hoping to get some of these done really soon. I really do enjoy doing them and am usually satisfied with the results. I also want to start a series of superhero portraits. Like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and a bunch of others from all the new Marvel movies. I think those would be a fun project and maybe even something I can make a few bucks off of.

I haven’t been doing any writing at all lately. I’ve been too busy with the portraits (of which I am okay with). I’ve just been reading and playing games when not doing arts. I’ve been contemplating more and more about really investing in the drafting table. It was just kinda something I had wanted but now that I’ve been so busy with the portraits it’s become a pain in the ass to pack things back up into a little pile on the floor so that it’s out of the way. I wish I could just leave things out mid way through projects. I’d also like the space to leave my tattoo stuff out as well. I’ve been missing tattooing recently. I need to finish my leg so I can start the other and touch up a few of the old pieces.

I also noticed that July marks the one year mark for Notmysqueezingarm! I can’t believe I’ve kept up with this like I’ve promised for a whole year. I didn’t think I had it in me. But I’ve actually really progressed and moved forward and I’m glad that I have a place to post my art and people to look forward to seeing updates from me. So thanks!!!!

I’m gonna work on these new projects over the next couple of days so be on the look out for some finished pieces soon.

As always thanks for the visit and any comments! It’s appreciated very much!


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