Been keeping busy



100 Posts!

It’s official! I’ve hit 100 posts and they’re not all just blabbering about nonsense. It feels good to have some sort of small amount of following. So from me to you: Thanks! I really appreciate all the likes and followers. It makes me feel like my art is worthwhile to someone. 

I think I’ve found my artist’s niche. I really like doing these portraits and have been keeping up with them regularly. If anyone would like me to do a piece of someone for them, please comment and let me know. I’m open to doing anyone not just musicians (though they do tend to be the most fun for me). :)

I worked on the new Lemmy piece a little last night and got all the black work done. I just need to add color and I should be done with it soon. I have a piece for a friend that I’m going to do next and then I have two others that are next on the list. I do need to stop by an art supply store and pick up a few new markers soon or else I won’t be able to get any progress made.

Thanks again to everyone who follows, likes and comments. If you like what you see, you can also head over to my Facebook page and give it a like too! Link is on the left.