Piss & Moan Monday

Hello all.

Firstly, it’s Monday again and if you’re like me, you hate today just because it’s Monday. But really, I don’t have too much to complain about.

I’m having a hard time lately with sleeping. I just have a lot on my mind and my brain won’t shut up when I want it to. Last night wasn’t so bad though… Strange dreams. Not really bad, just really weird ones.

I think I’m starting to stress about moving again, which is looking like it’s coming up soon. I don’t really like change in my routine but alas, it has to happen. I’m feeling both really great and  kind of anxious about it. I just hope it happens without too much BS. I think I also got so used to living on my own that it’ll be strange to live with someone again. I’m glad though that I’ll be able to take care of someone again. If I don’t have someone to depend on me, I feel kind of lost. I like to be able to take care of someone.

Otherwise, I’ve been having some female issues but we won’t go there. That’s just kinda gross.

Really been thinking about quitting smoking again. I’m down to my last three smokes and it’s just cold and not fun to have to go outside to smoke. I did manage to only have two yesterday. I’m sure that when I quit I’ll feel much better and I really should quit especially because i’ve been thinking about getting on Birth Control again. That and I won’t be trashing my voice anymore.

Work has been pretty low key this week but i’m due to get my menus this week so I’ll have to get my focus back.

I’ve been writing my short story and been feeling really positive about that. I’m really hoping that this doesn’t just become another failure due to lack of inspiration/creativity. Hopefully I can keep my focus and keep plunking away at it.

I suppose that’s all. Not really a Piss and Moan kind of Monday but just a dull one. Nothing to do tomorrow after work so hopefully I’ll write some and get something accomplished.

That’s all folks. Keep it real and keep those peepers open for updates. :)




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