Friday Feel Good

Hello all. It’s Friday. I feel accomplished and there are several things that make today pretty schweet.

Firstly, I’ll apologize for the crappy photo quality of the last few pieces I’ve posted. I had to take crummy cell phone pictures and then photo shop them to make them look at least a little decent. At least I have more art up, which is what we wanted anyways. Look at me go!

Second, It’s finally Friday. I felt like it would never get here. Even though it’s not payday Friday, I think I can still manage to be happy about it. ;) 

Thirdly, I’ve finally started writing my short story. This is something I’ve really been meaning to get done and I hope to be through with the rough draft and have some significant progress by the end of the year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I can remain focused and motivated.

I suppose that’s all the good news. I hope you all have a good weekend and hopefully you’ll see more updates from me soon. See ya’ll later! :D


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