Almost Friday

I’m currently pretty bored here at work. I want to just go home and play with Sonic, but I’ve got several more hours to go.

Life has been pretty low key this week. I’ve got everything all prepped and ready to go for next week when I get my menus. I’m all caught up on side projects too, so I don’t really have anything to do. Tomorrow’s not going to be fun since I’ve got to be here really early and open. But at least I’ll get a few more hours on next paycheck. 

Speaking of paychecks; Tomorrow is payday Friday and I’m getting a few extra $’s because last Monday was a hoilday. So that’s funsies. Somehow I managed to save money this month and I’m not freaking out over money so much. But I guess that’s what I get for living as an artist. But I love my job (for the most part) so I’m not going to start complaining. 

I got myself a new phone! I’ve finally crossed over to the dark side and gotten myself a smartphone. I’m having issues with adjusting to the new huge keyboard. You’d think it’d be easy to go from a small key board to such a large one but I give myself a few days and I’m sure I won’t have anymore problems. I love having a smartphone already and don’t know how I went so long without one. 

We have a wedding to attend Saturday and I’m starting to panic a little more each day. I don’t really like to wear dresses, especially fancy ones. But hopefully I’ll be drunk enough to forget that I’m in one but not so drunk as to make an ass out of myself. I’m kind of good at that. :)

I have to open at work on Monday (that means no typical Piss & Moan Monday) too so I’m not really looking forward to that. I do get to take Thursday off next week so I can go to court and get all the divorce crap finished. I think I’ll feel better when that’s over and done with.

That’s about it here. 


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