Piss & Moan Monday

It’s time again for: Piss and Moan Monday! (says in excited game show host voice)

Yes, It’s Monday again. Which if you’re me, means that you have a whole week of work to look forward to. Yay… Not really much going on this week at work. We got ourselves a new cashier (who isn’t the best but at least I’m not doing her job) and we finally have a dishwasher! This makes me so very happy. I don’t have to try to do 4 people’s jobs and my own now I only have to do 2 people’s jobs and my own. It’s the last down week I have before I have to get the menus for next month done. So I’ll spend some time this week prepping all of my documents so it doesn’t take as long. I can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through September… Where does the time go? Also: PAY DAY FRIDAY THIS WEEK!

As you can tell from my posts lately I’ve found a bit of artistic inspiration and have been drawing. I’m trying to get my portfolio together so that I can get in at Avatar Studios so I can finally do what I love: Tattoos. It’s been far too long since my last apprenticeship and I kinda miss hanging around at a tattoo shop. However, since I’ve been doodling much more, I’ve been writing less. I feel like this is a sad thing but I’ve never really been very confident in my writing skills anyways. So hopefully I’ll have more art up soon.

I guess it wasn’t a really bad Piss & Moan Monday. I’m getting things done and feel good about where I’m going, so I feel like there’s not too much to piss & moan about. :) 

Ok Peeps. Keep it real!

Till next time: Sonic McPrickles portrait. Just look at that cute little wiggly nose! I love my baby boy!



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