Monday Blues

Well, It’s Monday again and that means that we have a full work week ahead of us. And after a pretty nice weekend, I find myself without a car again… Poor old Rufus. Hopefully he will be towed after I’m done with work and will be done being repaired (again….) by the end of the work day tomorrow. Luckily, the same issue is the cause of all my woes and is under warranty. So hopefully I won’t need to bum rides to and from work for very long. I’m probably just going to be looking for a new car and use Rufus as a trade in. I’m trying to remain positive about not having any money or transportation at the moment, but I’m determined to make it work. I’m not moving back home.

Work last week was complete shit. One of our cooks took a week vacation and left us two bodies short because we also have no dishwasher. So guess who had to do the dishes? That’s right, this girl. It was absolutely disgusting. We are also losing one of our cooks who was filling in for our dishwasher and we’re probably loosing our cashier. Anyone want a job?!?!?

In addition to having to do the dishes last week I also had to put together our Quarterly Business Review of three of our locations on the Comerica account and it was simply put, unpleasant. But that’s been finished and crossed off my list. Thank god! So I finally am able to do my job this week and start prepping my menus and flyers for September. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through August… Where does the time go?

Well, this post certainly ended up being a piss and moan typical Monday rant. Sorry… I should’ve spiked my iced tea this morning. Maybe I’d be in a better mood. :P

I’m planning on posting up some more writing this week and hopefully I can get some new art up. I’ve got a number of tattoos I need to draw for people but I find myself with little to no motivation because of my stress level. Maybe as soon as I figure out this car bs, I’ll be able to focus on my art and writing. Also haven’t picked up my guitar in like a week so I’m in need of a good solo jam session. 

So, I’ll end it with this cute picture of a hedgehog with some serious tubaholism. I really would like to get my hands on one of these little prickle monsters but with 7 geckos that don’t require much attention, I think I’m good right now. I don’t have much time these days and minimal care pets are the way to go. 

Anyways, Happy Monday people. I hope it’s a good one. 



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