A song I’ve been trying to put together but keep failing…

I’m thinking that this would be a good chorus….

The crickets have started singing their songs
and mock me with the ease of which they compose them.
and the artists tease me with their work
because i can never finish what I’ve started.


More Bits of Writing

None of these have titles or anything… Just bits of writing.


It’s like every morning

I wake up and I fail.

And I look around

and everyone is able to pull it off,

but I can’t.

I can’t be enough.

All of the things we thought we knew

We never knew at all.

And there’s nothing that I touch

That I don’t destroy.


When we don’t know what’s real/

When we’ve lost ourselves/

When we’ve lost the will to fight/

Just throw your hands up and walk away/

Because in the end/

We all have to choose/

If it really was worth fighting for


They tell you that time heals all wounds.

That may be true.

But the scars that remain,

Serve as a constant reminder

Of all the pain.

Little snippets

Here’s some new writing. Mostly just a bunch of small bits. I figured I should start making my writing a bit more public… Be gentle.


Too Quick

I see my life in blurs.

And even now,

the world spins

too slowly for my taste.

You took the air

right out of my lungs.

And you’re the sweetness

dripping off my tongue.


Put it back together  (possibly to become a song)

When I put my heart on my lips

it was in a million bloody pieces.

But when you pulled it off with your kiss

and stitched it back together

you made it beat again.


Untitled Bit

This is as close to poetic as I get

because I can’t see the beauty in life.

I’ve forgotten the little things

and the flowers that bloom in the spring.